The journey takes a different turn…

camera My artistic journey has taken a different turn. I enjoyed the fat-positive project of self-portraits but as I have become more aware of what is means to be an Indigenous Woman, the meaning of my art has changed. Often when I would photograph myself I would have an idea, move through the shoot and construct later. Now the construct of my photos has become deeper, more meaningful. I continue to further the narrative of past photos. Some of my photos are used as a teaching tools. I developed a lecture series that analyses the objectification of Indigenous women in mainstream media, stereotypes and the clinical gaze of the Indigenous body. I relate this to my photographic process and my experience of posting artistic nudes online. I use the Indigenous body, my Indigenous body, to resist the sexualization and violence perpetrated against Indigenous women.

I also use digital paintings to illustrate the legacy of colonization. Elder and scholar Lee Maracle says, “You have to tell the most horrific story with gentle words”. My paintings tell the story of colonization in the gentlest words I can muster. My life has been deeply enriched by my artistic process and it continues to develop.

Love and gratitude,